5 Questions on Friday with Kol Peterson

adu portlandThis week we spoke with Kol Peterson, an ADU advocate and educator.

Question 1: House listings often state ADU potential as a benefit of the home. What should home buyers look out for when looking for a home with ADU potential?

It’s a very good question. Remember this old realtor maxim: Location, Location, Location, I interpret the maxim this way: Location (Walkscore); Location (‘micro-neighborhood’-by which I mean the adjacent properties); Location (placement of the ADU and site plan).

Question 2: Where can people start when considering building an ADU?

AccessoryDwellings.org is a good starting point if you’ve heard about ADUs and want to learn more about them and whether one might be a good idea for you.

Question 3: Why are you passionate about ADUs?

I am coming at this from an environmental angle, though this is rarely what I cover with people. What I like about ADUs is that they’re twice green–good environmental and potentially profitable at the same time.

Question 4: What green building concepts should people consider for their ADU?

Building an ADU is building green. Without even trying, ADUs are inherently one of the greenest forms of housing possible.

Question 5: How much do ADUs cost?

Depending on a number of factors, $10K-$300K.



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